The Law of Direction and Business

law-direction-businessUsing the Law of Direction and Business helps you have a clear sense of purpose and path.

The Law of Direction and Business helps you become a success.

==> Say you’re a salesperson who wants to reach your sales goal for the year and set out to do just that as your own directed goal.

You are on the path to realizing a valued goal, because that’s what you set out and felt directed to do … deliberately. This is realizing the Law of Direction and Business.

Sounds easy enough, right?

But, we are often like sheep…following someone else and this is the reason for so many businesses failing.

You want a guarantee for higher levels of success and achievement?

Your conscious step to get you there: Gain absolute clarity about what you want to do.

Have you noticed that many people work hard and stay busy, not achieving the long term success they want?  Yet, others don’t seem to work hard and seem on top of the world.

The Law of Direction and Business is about being focused and sure about what you want. Giving you direction through your goals and bringing your business and life successes because you know where you’re going.

If you want direction to your successes, then you have to understand that your successes are not shaped by circumstances … by things that just happen to you.

How do you use the Law of Direction and Business?

–      Write, journal, your business vision, your “Dream List”. I like to put a date on that paper.

–      Create your five year vision as you imagine your goals as already realized. Write out the details – how is looks, feels, smells, tastes…anything you can imagine as you are there in that moment of your vision.

I’ve read that eighty-five percent of your motivation is determined by the things that you hope to achieve, and take action on.

When you use the Law of Direction and Business you can gain clarity about what you want, becoming more motivated and intentional.

  • Yes. It happens that you make a goal, your intention.
  • Then you take action and implement.
  • Have Faith.
  • Be aware.
  • Allow and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

And the Law of Direction and Business will clarify your goals and help you reach them, in ways you never thought of.

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