The Law of Service and Business

law-of-service-and-businessWant to be more successful?

The Law of Service and Business is about your rewards being in direct proportion to the value of your service to others.

It seems surprising the number of people who don’t seem to be aware of this. But, like any natural law, it does apply, to everyone.

If you want to be successful, then according to the Law of Service and business, you focus on service, not compensation.


In order to increase your rewards, you must develop creative ways to increase your services and a way to share and give of those services and products – and you set in motion a positive “boomerang effect” of increasing returns to yourself.

Your business really can be a grand adventure when you understand and practice this law.

Because you increase your service, and therefore your return for your services is increased. It may not happen immediately. But, it will happen!

Of course, one of the biggest rewards is…your own positive transformation.

–      As you use the Law of Service and Business you are also nurturing your own “insight outlook.”

Learning from your experiences…turning insight into how you can apply fresh ideas and outlooks for your own business to serve others and work better at what you do.

After all, you make your living and add meaning to your business and life by serving other people in some way.

You will be using the Law of Service and Business to align yourself with opportunities.

Earl Nightingale believed that people who concentrate on the service side of the scale find themselves profiting from all sorts of unique opportunities that others would call lucky.

So what do you do?

The Law of Service and Business shares that your success also comes from supporting your attitude of service, and giving value to others.

How do you improve your service quality in your business? 

1.   Know, really know, your customers. That means that you ask them questions and listen to them.

2.   Understand what keeps your customer’s up at night.

3.   Know what’s important to them.

4.   What important problem does your product or service solve?

5.   How can you be of service?


This is using the Law of Service and Business to improve your services.

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