Knowing Target Audiences and Competitors

I have always admired those entrepreneurs who knew how to assist their target audience, their prospects, with the intelligence of understanding and caring about their prospective clients and make clear the solution to getting their problems solved.

— These pros come across as not just looking for a sale.

Your prospect must always be the star of the show. Understanding the feelings, thoughts, and motives and putting yourself into your prospect’s shoes is at the center of target marketing.

You can develop the skill of contacting and guiding your clients to what they want. When you do that, you will start getting the sales.

– Figure it out – how are you losing prospects – you know the feeling, so why is it happening?

— Think about this…Are you just not feeling your client – You need to be on the same path as your client.

— Or, you may be losing prospects by not following through well enough. If so, shorten your response time on initial contacts and get a system of contacting your prospects on a regular basis.

Focus on understanding, knowing what your target audience wants and who they are – feel this! And know your competitors. Knowledge is power, but too much information without structure is just confusing.

“Satisfy the deep subconscious needs of your customer-to feel important, to feel valued, respected and worthwhile” – Brian Tracy

Feel what your customer is feeling and what they need – and you will discover the solution. What they are looking to buy – the solution, the benefit – is sought primarily to help them experience that feeling that you understood.

Always remember that your are needed to encourage their dreams,

allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their problems and opponents.

That’s what a business coach helps you discover.

Donna Ward
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