How to Find the Art of Clarity and Vision

As someone just starting an online business, home based business, or who is an entrepreneur will discover, time is your greatest currency, so you must utilize it by saying no when it won’t help you grow.

There is so very much being offered out there for free – well, there is the cost of your time and focus. And, it feels like you are living in the fields of negative excitement. Could be a pattern?

For me – I felt like a wiggly worm just trying to get across the road on a rainy day!! It was taking so very long to get anywhere! I was really resisting taking my next focused step and becoming more clear, because I was so undecided. Confusing? It was getting me nowhere! (And, that is why they say the majority of ‘newbie’ online marketers never succeed – staying in your path is a requirement.)

Finally, I was fed up with my indecisions – I paid for coaching, and direction, from a wonderful Business Coach and it seems very simple. This is what she taught me…

In order to run a business — you must say “NO”. There are no shortcuts to true success, either in an online or offline business

— Building an online business is much like building an offline business – and you cannot take shortcuts when building an offline business, and neither can you online.

— You need to focus on your vision and not get side tracked

Sure there are going to be many twists and turns, which is why you need to keep focused on your vision. This is the beginning of your Business Clarity.

– And, I do know the many temptations out there – free offers telling you that building an online business is easy and can be done overnight, or building your list this way can make you $15,000 in a month.

– There is an old saying, “when you try to chase more than one rabbit – you usually don’t catch anything.”

Once you become focused and say yes to your business vision, you just need to follow your plan. Clarity will start rising like a sunny day.

— A big part of that – is knowing when to say ‘No’ to offers that take your time and money. Once I started staying on a clear path (one without distractions), It wasn’t long before I was attracting what I wanted in my business and ultimately enjoying the business creation process.

I heard this great piece of advice: “Imagine your time is worth $2k an hour and you would receive that money when you say, “Yes” to opportunities within the big picture, but that amount of money would be taken away if you also said, “Yes” to an opportunity that you accepted that wasn’t to fulfill the bigger picture. And often times you said yes to fulfill an emotional need such as immediate money, love or recognition. What would happen?”

How would your decisions change if you only said yes to your business vision?

Donna Ward
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