Inner Power

How do you personally define your inner power?  Much of the time we allow the world’s opinions and beliefs to define us, causing us to be victims. I know this from my own experiences!

  • It took me quite a while to understand that I had the inner power of controlling my thoughts and letting go of controlling the results. For me it started to make sense and came about from the study of business leadership, objectivity and letting go of controlling every detail. And then finding successes from these actions. 

When I wasn’t being such a ‘driver’  and started to trust that as long as I had taken the steps and gave it over to my Higher Power, things went sooooo much smoother!  I have learned that knowing our true inner power, our true purpose, will always be something which brings you a deep, profound sense of joy. You will always bring the most enthusiasm and dedication to something which gives you joy. If you are hesitant, reluctant, or feel an obligation, you are not aligned with your true purpose and inner power.

  • Our inner power is revealed when we use our talents and gifts to serve a greater good. Your Inner Power is a journey towards a more conscientious  life, building a stronger inner foundation to rely upon and living your purpose. It is a shift of awareness through which you begin to know more of who you really are. Just by opening yourself to the possibility of this state of inner freedom, you are paving the way to its door. The journey is really about developing the process to perceive your own inner power.
  • Our personal power as it relates to business?

Well that’s your courage, knowledge and capabilities that you need to succeed in the business world and be reaping maximum rewards and tapping your full potential – all the tools you need to move forward in your business and life – to keep your cool, conquer any challenge and manage your life and career with confidence – these are part of your inner power.

  • We learn how to access our inner power by allowing, and finding out what motivates us spiritually and what keeps us on a good path with a clear heart. There is soooo much power in being spiritually aware. It takes diligent work but the rewards are limitless.
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I coach people who seek to maximize their own potential so they can live productive, healthy, fulfilling, sustainable businesses and lives in Peace and Joy! How do you get started, and keep moving forward more smoothly, on your own journey ?

When you tap into your innermost powers, you start to understand what you truly want.



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Inner Power

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