The Easiest Way To Find Ideas to Write About and Why You Need to Write Great Email Content

There must be a reason why an entrepreneur that knows how to write great content for Email Marketing outperforms others.

What is your email marketing strategy?

I know that implementing an email marketing strategy, or doing anything extra, for your business sounds overwhelming.

YOU CAN implement the strategies that WILL make a difference in your email marketing results and build a responsive list that accelerates your online marketing success

Content can be intimidating and overwhelming, but I have to tell you that it really can be simple.

Inspiring content is required for your target audience – is your content helping to fill a want/need – something they would ask for?
Find out what they are looking for on the web and write about that.

For me, ‘Writers’ Block’ comes from thinking I can’t think of anything of value to write about, feeling pressured to write something fabulous, and being on a deadline to produce the content. Because of these feelings, a lot of entrepreneurs secretly hate writing.

Can I give you an example of what I do? Well, originally I put it off, procrastinated, and did nothing! Feeling badly about myself. Then I got a push from my own business coach and I became creative with her training and my own research.

Strategy Tip
: Adding direct email marketing to your business by starting a newsletter or launching an email campaign is a great way to increase your brand exposure and build your brand visibility online – this is part of your strategy for building your list, and getting contacts (leads) into your marketing funnel to accelerate your online marketing success. Helping you stay in front of your clients and prospects, which is increasing your marketing touch points, and generating more leads and referrals.

How can you get started writing great content?

Step 1 – Review a product that you recently purchased. Maybe it is for an affiliate.

Step 2 – News in your niche – Tap into some ongoing news in your niche – then expand that and repurpose it into an article, blog post, and use on your social media sites.

Step 3 – Create lists of anything related to what you do. People love lists and they seem very easy and quick to read. Stick with an odd number – 3 ways, 5 steps, 7 techniques, or create a top 10 list.

You can get the desired results you want if you’ll get busy doing something – start with these three steps for inspiration in your content writing. Challenge yourself to look at other articles in your niche. Then write one as if this was information you would like to read about as your target audience.

You can start with one email to your list each week – get inspired to write more often and it will become easier and quicker. Put the date and a block of time set aside to write.

I needed the help of a business coach and it turned out to be a huge benefit. Holding me accountable and giving me a bit of direction and encouragement was just what I needed. And, then boom! Off I went on the right path.

But, whatever you do – Take that action step and celebrate your successes.

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