Two Ways Writing Articles Puts a Sales Agent To Work for You

I have always been impressed by how the Internet Marketing Gurus continue to write articles for online exposure.

And that is why Article Marketing needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Many people feel they are just not good at writing and that can hold you up for a long time. But, you will need to change that type of thinking if you are planning on building an online business! As a business coach, I decided I needed to learn how to take advantage of this and get my ‘sales agents’ out there working for me A.S.A.P.

What will writing articles do?

  • Make you a published writer – Wow! I was so excited and my family impressed by that little fact. Of course, it is a big deal for someone like me that always wanted to be a published writer! And, what seems difficult to my family and friends, really is very simple for me, now. Now that my own business coaches convinced me, that is!
  • Writing articles will get the ‘word’ out about you and your business – as an entrepreneur and small business owner or just starting an internet business
  • Reach targeted buyers online, bringing in organic traffic (not paid for traffic)
  • It is a self promotion method that takes little time to accomplish

Now, I write an article almost every day. I have my system working. Each morning I spend about an hour researching, writing and submitting my article.

I write a short article from 250-700 words and submit it. At first I spent over an an hour writing, but soon, I was producing a great article much faster.

— I have shared about systems like this with many of you and you know that once you have this routine down – it feels like something is missing in your day if you don’t get it done. For me, it is a force behind making it happen. Because I now understand the importance of getting it done regularly.

  1. Writing articles brings traffic to your site almost immediately, and for years to come, bringing you online visibility. As long as you have put in keyword rich titles. We need this site activity to help SEO. The more visitors you have? Well, you can take a guess here!
  2. Your credibility and authority increase. The more I write the more I learn about the topic and myself. So write often and achieve the success you want, along with the expertise.

Remember to apply:

— Keywords are words that we all put into the search engines, like Google and Yahoo, when we are looking for info in the net.

— Copywriting – Is effective writing. It is persuasive writing, telling a compelling story that will grab the attention and connect with your target, so they’ll respond the way you want.

— Marketing – conveys the benefits and selling points of your product/service., Remember, state a key benefit: how will your target’s life be different- better as a result of their purchase? So, convey this in your article title and your article.

In marketing, research has shown that it takes 7 views before someone new recognizes your name. It takes 7 messages before someone is likely to recognize and purchase a product. Each article you write is a ‘sales agent’ for you and your business.

So, now I would like you to repeat back to me about what you think the power of article marketing is and what it could do for you and your business. Let me know!

Your assignment: Write at least 2-3 articles a week – and I want to know your results.

Donna Ward
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