How to Explode Your List With Joint Venture Giveaway Events


What’s all the fuss about Joint Venture Giveaway events?

If you’ve ever jumped on board a Joint Venture Giveaway event, you’re already reaping the benefits.

What am I talking about?

A brief description of a Joint Venture Giveaway event is that it’s an event which leverages thousands of people who join in with the potential for yours and their lead magnet gifts to be seen and subscribed to by all these other people.

Do you see what I mean, here?

It’s a great way to build your list as you’re being seen by thousands that you would not ordinarily even know about you.

Most events are free as is this one at Divine Biz Gifts JVG Event << Go ahead click those words. Check thisjoint-venture-giveaway one out that I am getting involved in for the 3rd time!

Do you see some value here?

The chance for thousands of people to view your information and opt in to your list.

Have you ever heard…

“The Fortune is in the List”

Really great marketers who have deep marketing funnels and say that incredible follow up can achieve $1 and more income from each of their list of email subscribers.

Example: That’s $1 X 1000 (your list size) = $1000 a month – now a 1000 ideal people on your list is a great start. 

I was able to gain over 600 new people on my list from this one Joint Venture Giveaway at  Divine Biz Gifts JVG Event

Making sales from your email list depends on…

The quality you offer, relationship-building, and serving your email list subscribers.

It’s all down to the 3 R’s relationship, relevance, and responsiveness.

  1. Targeting your ideal audience for your list.

– Depends on your lead magnet, the bribe you offer to get them to sign up.

– How badly do these people want whatever you’re offering them?

  1. Building that relationship

– The copy of your email follow ups.

– Grow those relationships with them so they trust you and know that you’re looking out for their best interests.

Okay…Let’s get back to how to explode your list with a Joint Venture Giveaway.

The 3 main steps are:

  1. Pick a Joint Venture Giveaway event that is in your niche with a common need.

  2. Your blog or website is your authority base – the hub of your content.
  3. Fulfill your promise of offering information/secrets of great value.

You need to know what to have in place…

  1. Something to give away. This is your lead magnet that you’ll pull them in with and it’s got to be something they really need/want to have in trade for an email address from a lead. This is the “Gifts” part that you create for the Joint Venture Giveaway.
  2. A squeeze page for your gift. This can be an optin page on your blog or website that you send them.
  3. An Account with an autoresponder. I like Aweber (my affiliate link) ~ inexpensive, tremendously easy and wonderful service. 
  4. A way to deliver the free offer (your gift). You can deliver it through your email to your audience. Or you may set up another page with your gift and message to them.

Don’t have a Lead Magnet for a Joint Venture Giveaway?

Let’s get you ready to create your lead magnet offer!

★ The lead magnet is your irresistible gift offer, your magnet, that pulls your ideal audience onto your list?★

If you are ready to take bold action and build your list of prospective ideal audiences…

You can build a lead magnet as a valuable free giveaway that you create for your ideal audience.

If you want? We can to show you how to create YOUR OWN LEAD MAGNET guiding you step by step to get it done and pull in your audience onto your email list.

image for blogClick & Get Your Lead Magnet Info


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