Got a Book to Promote?

book promotion

Promoting your blog and having a book to promote are similar.

Having a book to promote, is another reminder that marketing is about human nature.

>>> You want your ideal audience to know what you have so…

When you have a book to promote, you’ll let people know what it is and where it’s at.

  • That’s you sharing what you love with people who want to hear more about what you have.

As you build your author’s platform, you’ll use:

  • Press releases for online exposure.
    • Online press releases require that you create lists of keywords.
    • Check out to helping to take the mystery out of it.
  • Book reviews and testimonials.
    • Provides social proof
    • Make a list of book bloggers and reviewers in your book’s genre.
  • Blog Tab/Page for Author Q&A
    • Have a list FAQ questions and replies about you and your book that will help other bloggers, and interviewers, promote your work.
    • book marketing clubWrite great descriptions to help push that book to promote and get noticed. Learn more at Author Marketing Club’s Amazon Description Generator
  • Facebook Event to interview the author 
    • A book launch party will attract and fascinate your ideal audience.
    • Get your Promo Kit together to promote your book and use it in your promotions.
  • Start and keep on building your email list from your blog.
    • Make announcements to your email list.
    • Offer and send out a free chapter.
  • Build a large online community.
    • People will be more inclined to buy books from authors they know.
    • Design a contest around the topic of your book.

Now these are not, usually, going to get you instant book sales and results when you have a book to promote.

But as more of your community share your work, you’ll be amazed at how far your work can reach so many others.

Because they start to know, like, and trust you. Building your credibility, integrity, authority, and sincerity.

>>> You become the believable expert.

Adding to these steps means a bit more research and using some free and paid for services like:

  • Kindle Direct PublishingKindle (KDP) –  Free book promotion. You can offer any book enrolled in KDP Select free to readers for up to five days.
  • BookBubbookbub – Is a free service for readers and a paid service to promote your book.
  • Amazon’s Goodreads is the largest social network for readers and a great tool when you have a booAmazon Goodreadsk to promote. 

Just like your blog, a gazillion other books are competing for the attention of your audience.

These are just some of the pieces to promote your book.

Stay focused and try doing just three things a day.

Because I didn’t discuss every possibility or problem, I look forward to your ideas in the comments!

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