Giving and Putting Value In Your Business

Have you ever felt moved along and spellbound when some sales people start selling you. They start off as if they care, but if you say ‘no’, they make you feel ashamed?  This may be why so many people don’t want to talk to a ‘salesy person’, or someone that advertises hype.

I recently was mesmerized by an online marketing guru’s sales people – and said yes to everything and agreed to it all. In the back of my mind, I was trying to wake myself up – finally when we hung up and a bit of time passed, it was like waking up. I couldn’t believe that I said yes to their offer. I called and had to go through another 30 minutes of just saying ‘no’ and I wanted to cancel. It was a terrible experience! And, I blocked all emails coming from them and anyone else that was hype and ‘salesy’ sounding.

So what were their values? Did they have values?  Well – their value was in the dollar and numbers.  They did ask the right goal type of questions to find my ‘spots’ that they had solutions to. But, it just made me feel like they needed to reach their quota. It really was nothing personal.

What does value mean to you and your business?

Your clients will eventually understand your values. What do you want them to understand about this?

Value Statements are what you follow that demonstrate and represent your values in action in your personal and work behaviors, decision-making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction.

Such as knowing, realizing and allowing these statements of value to remind you, give you patience and persistence – along with understanding. Statements like:

  • Maintaining outstanding customer relationship is key.
  • Operate with integrity and accountability.
  • Give back and support participation in the community activities that empower others.
  • Provide quality and thoughtful services
  • Showing improvement, innovativeness, credibility, and honesty
  • Enjoy your business, achieve your vision!
You can then consolidate the common values by which your business will be operated.
  • example: In conducting our business, we will realize our vision by performing our affairs so that our actions provide confirmation of the high value we place on:
  1. INTEGRITY: by dealing honestly with our clients, staff, venders and community.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY: by considering the environment in which we do business, community views and the common good.
  3. PROFITABILITY: by being aware that an appropriate level of profit is necessary to maintain our business and allow our values to continue to be observed.
  4. VALUE: by providing quality products/services that deliver value for money.
Once your Business Value Statement has been defined, these values will impact every piece of your business.
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Giving and Putting Value In Your Business

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