Make Sure Your Email Messages Are Being Delivered

Less than 10% of your subscribers might actually be reading your email messages. Scary, but true. Some of that is your subject lines, some is your relationship, but some… is that the spam-bots are blocking your delivery. Not cool.

Let’s face it, with spam filters and other delivery problems, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your messages through to the very people who have requested them.

So, above everything else, you’ve got to make sure your messages are being delivered. There are a variety of things you can do, but the one thing I want to mention here is simply this: check your spam score before sending out any email to your lists.

I use e-Filtrate and the built in Spam Assassin check at Both of these allow me to quickly see which words or phrases or symbols or other triggers that I might have unknowingly used in my email message that would cause the message to be filtered. I can make just a few wording changes and just like that, a message that normally wasn’t going to go through is no longer being filtered.

So, take the couple of minutes to run your email copy through a spam checker – use E-Filtrate or Aweber or find one at – and you should see a larger number of your emails getting past the filters.

This is another action step in your list of things to do. If you put this marketing strategy as a part of your routine, your action system, your business and marketing will go smoother for you each day. And for a small home based business or as an entrepreneur we want easy, because success comes from persistence and focus. This is your business coach speaking.

Bottom line is this: if your email message doesn’t get delivered, it doesn’t matter that you’ve used all of the tips I’ve mentioned here and in my Email List Building Mini-Course. Everything depends upon getting your messages delivered.

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