Double Your Small Business Growth

Do you find yourself wondering, ‘What if I had the power to double or triple my small business growth? And, how would I get started on that?’

Most of my clients say they’ve tried everything they can think of to generate business, yet when we get down to what they are really doing, sometimes it becomes clear that they’ve overlooked some of the most simple, key, things.

Once I started learning – taking courses and – here’s the key – investing in myself, my business really took off.

I learned to take it one step at a time. Literally. I put myself on a path towards my vision, and focused. I know it’s a cliché, but even the longest journey begins with one step. Just keep taking step after step. Small changes to your business really add up. This sure came about for me – the ways of ‘how’ just started happening.

That is ‘how’ a successful business can happen. Once I started seeing the how of business.As more was added to grow my business, it became apparent that I needed strategic systems put in place, piece by piece, to ensure continuous growth. One area that needed immediate attention – my customer service, understanding their needs and giving solutions.

When it comes to how to increase business growth, there are many important factors to implement:

1.) Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service –
Learn all you can and focus on customer service. This is what will help increase your business dramatically. Remember if your customer has a good experience, they might tell a friend.

— And, we know, people get very passionate about bad customer service, and they tell everyone they can.

— Be grateful for your customers and let them know how much
you appreciate them.

— And, listen to what your customer is saying. It is reciprocal – they feel appreciated and you learn how you can solve their problems.

Find out what system you can put into place to insure these key points are being taken care of, systematically!

  • Like calling so many customers a day, and writing down the information discussed.
  • Keeping in touch with your customers through an email system, like Aweber


2.) Learn how to upsell
We’ve all heard this, it’s much more cost effective to sell more to a current customer than it is to acquire a new customer. If you know your customer’s problems, and care about your customer’s solutions (you had better know this one!), it’s easy to suggest other items or services that would be of benefit to them.

— Offer a client the solution that they really want and help solve their problem – like:

One of my customers wants to coach with me every other week – but, also would like to hear what others are going through in his similar situations. So, I suggest that maybe adding the monthly group coaching call would help continue in his understanding of himself and his business. And, I put a program cost on this solution.

Upselling is about reminding your customers about other things that you have that they might not yet know about or have forgotten about. It’s not about trying to get more money out of them (you must never think of it that way). It shows the customer you care about them and their well being.

So if you want to see your business growth double, or better – Remember:

1. Focus on your Vision – stay on your path
2. Invest time, money in your own growth
3. Small changes to your business really add up.
4. Implement strategic systems that keep you on your path with more ease.

As your business coach, I am here to help you each step of the way – According to Einstein, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” A coach can help you shift your thinking into that new perspective… And a great business coach has enough experience to share to help you make that shift much more quickly.

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