Client Relationships

Your goal is to  build client relationships and lead them from where they are today (aware of their problems and interested in solutions they want and need) to where they are ready and motivated to buy.

This means that over time you are building your credibility and trust with them. You are building client relationships.

  • You will need to help them discover how you can have an effect that leads
    Client Relationships

    Client Relationships

    to their successful solution.

  • Leading them to the value of you being their solution.They want to know it’s a worthwhile investment of their time and money.

Your client relationships are leading to converting those ‘ready to buy” prospects into paying clients. And, raving fans.

  • Continue to build client relationships with those potential clients with ongoing communications and interactions, which add value and build your credibility.

Now you need a Client Conversion System

  • If you’ve built your client relationships based on trust and credibility…

Then when they have an issue they need to address urgently, or are just ready for your solution now, you’ll be the first person they call.

Your client conversion system is the process you’ll go through to turn those clients relationships into high potential prospects, and into paying clients. Then continuing with your client relationships to build raving fans.

They now trust you and believe that you have the know-how to solve their problems.

You are the one with the solutions that they want.

So, this is when you put your system in place for converting leads into paying clients.

You are the expert at what you do. Your clients are coming to you for your expertise, so lead them with your systems.

Look at it from the perspective of where somebody is and where they want to go. And let them work to your systems.

If you want to have predictability and consistency with your income and new client conversion, you are going to have to be consistent with what you’re doing to generate new business and new clients.

Building client relationships into clients that buy, and into raving fans that stay and refer you.

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Client Relationships

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