How to Get Clients

3-step process in how to get clients:

  1. People somehow hear about you.
  2. They set up a consultation with you.
  3. They hire you.

How to Get ClientsSo that’s really how to get clients.

Most people don’t know how to get clients, prospective clients, to hear about them and get an intro meeting with them.

There is also a 3-step process on how to get clients to meet with you:

  1. Give your meeting, or consultation, a compelling benefits’ rich name. What results will they get from your services / products?
  • Like – “Find your soul mate now”. Or  – “Double your clients coaching session.” And,  “Finally thin  forever.”  It is about something that benefits your target audience.

2. Create a bullet list of benefits that people are going to get from having this introduction session with you,

    • Most people don’t get what coaching is, or what having a meeting with you could do for them or their business. So what will you do for them – help them prepare a meal with ease and with tasty benefits?

—  Ex: 3 Benefits of a Business Coach are:

  • More robust business
  • Clarity of where your business is heading
  • Better planning in how to get clients and grow your business

— Or – Your business may help women with skincare – and 3 benefits could be:

  • NEW!  The set offers 11 age-defying benefits in one skin care regimen…
  •  Makeup. Botanically based, Vegan Certifed, Certified Organic herbs…
  • Skincare for your instant beauty fixes and maintain health and vitality…
    • So, if you offer them a free session, or a free sample, they might not really get the value – unless you tell them!
    • Of course, we get the value of what we are offering.
    • So talk about results. That’s why you’ll name it something enticing and then give the bullet points as 3 enticing benefits.

Make your intro session special.

  • Tie it to a holiday. Like – “Valentine’s is around the corner. And, I don’t want you to spend another night single. I know how lonely and frustrating that can be at times. So I have decided to offer a special ‘Find your soul mate now’ session.

—  And, during that session we are going to work together to create a crystal clear vision of the kind of relationship you’d like to have.”

—  We’ll uncover some of the hidden challenges that you have that are sabotaging your successes you might have around dating.

— And you’ll leave the session renewed and energized in finally being able to find the relationship of your dreams.

This is an enticing introductory offer – a get acquainted offer. And is a big tip in how to get clients now.

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