Too Little Time

Coach Donna Laree WardYou can stay on top of everything and get over having too little time in your business and life!

My clients are their own boss, work for themselves or are an independent professional, and always have too much to do. They are bombarded with “tasks,” with ideas, with projects, with goals to reach in their family and business. And on top of that, the obligation of keeping motivated and on track. Most start many mornings eager, and with a plan of what to work on…only to end up sidetracked by one thing or another…or spending too much time on one project and not enough on the one they really needed to worked on.

And when we first start working together they usually don’t even have a plan…feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things they want to get done, yet ending up putting it off yet another day, procrastinating – and then regretting it at the end of the day.

It seems like most days half the tasks they intended to get done are still on a to do-list.

  • How do you group you success habits on any normal day?

John Assaraf“It is your job to know what strategies and tactics need to be in place for you to excel in your business and creating wealth. What are your high impact activities and high revenue generating activities?”  John Assaraf

Do you have Specific work hours scheduled with your life in mind?

  • Exercise
  • Spiritual time – journal, affirmations, meditation, turning it over to Higher Power
  • Set a limited amount of time to complete any given task.
  • Systems in place – to help sustainable income – help make your business more enjoyable and less stressful – get your business and personal systems set up.
  • Priority based time management.  Income generating items first (monetizing your business).

Managing your time – is a success habit – and so is learning from great teachers at really great costs put together just for you!

I am so honored that John Assaraf has offered, at a really special rate, for my community a $97 program (normally $397 for program and bonus program included)! You will be learning from one of the greatest business teachers in the world. Helping you to do less in your life but to your best ability.

Creating a daily, weekly and monthly habit by organizing a routine to eliminate chaos and simplify your tasks by categorizing them.  You will really understand and learn:

  • How to use your time most effectively, based on the goals and the targets and the objectives that you have to meet.
  • Time tested techniques to apply and multiply your effectiveness.

Be sure to check out this fabulous offer – I am purchasing it myself – I always, always love to learn from the best at a price that is fabulous.

Click here for:

  • · Video’s for both Programs
  • · Manuals for both Programs
  • · Transcripts for both Programs

Please do let me know if this is helpful! I know it is for me.

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