Blogging Ideas – 5 Tips

I really like to write – but sometimes blogging ideas to write about can be tough and it feels like I’ve just run out of blogging ideas for my newest blog post – or article for that matter.

Take a look at some of these blogging ideas and tips – print this out and post it near your computer to give yourself some blogging advice!

1. Read Within Your Niche -Subscribe to blogs and websites within your niche. Search for articles that others have written – not to copy, but to inspire.
2. Look online for Magazines and Newspapers in Your Niche -A blogging post ideas could come from reading an article from outside your niche.
3. Ask Your Readers -If you have a popular blog why not ask the readers what they want to read about on your blog.
4. Look For Questions -It has been said that great articles come from great questions. Search the net for questions in your niche. Do a keyword search, to see what your niche is looking for. And, you can find your questions on forums in your niche.
5. Visit Article Directories-Search for articles in your niche to get those ideas. Sometimes the article will already be written you just have to expand upon it. I love that. (Doesn’t mean to copy it, though!)

— You may also use the article for your blog post – as long as you keep it in its entirety, no changes, and give all the credit to the orginal writer. This works well when you are pinched for time. You will disable your SEO plugin and make it no index. Then you have a new post for my readers, and looks like a guest writer, also!

Remember reading the news is a great way to generate ideas for your articles and continue your own learning.

Keep in mind that blogging is about giving valuable content to your readers and it is your readers that make your blog a success.

Become a savvy blogger. Because you will understand the importance of having a focused blog. Making sure that what you write is relevant and specific to your target market, those are the people you want to attract and turn into ‘raving fans’.

Once you start writing – it improves and you move along more quickly! Hang in there – but do something! No Matter What!

Be proactive, with your blogging ideas and have fun, plus good luck – but, why rely on luck? You can get your writing strategy into a routine and make the path less bumpy!

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