Starting an Online Business

Have you noticed that it seems everyone wants to know how to make $10,000 a month by starting an online business and then they can blow past the magical “six figures a year” milepost?

Just browse your favorite online marketing forum for a few minutes, and I’m guessing you’ll unearth dozens of similar how-to requests. It seems like every time we turn around, we hear stories of someone making 6-figures by starting an online business. And, I’m sure they’re telling it straight. But, what does that mean for you and me?

Well, from listening to many clients and my own mentor, people sometimes just aren’t ready for what they purchase and get dreams of successes about starting an online business that may not be based on what they really want.

And, we all get that ‘bright, shiny object syndrome’. I certainly do. And, that throws me off my action list for the day. I get so sidetracked with the many great ideas. Starting an online business and working on it everyday really is a fun hobby for most of us.

What seems to happen is that we try to keep up with what others are doing and can’t understand why others are making it happen and not ourselves. We are comparing and diminishing our own successes.

We know that:

  • We need to start by building a business with great value, products and service as we are building relationships with our target market.
  • We don’t do it overnight.
  • It is a step by step strategic action on a journey of growth.
  • It would be great to earn in the process of getting your business going. And, many have done this with affiliate marketing; and through client relationship building online; and the old-fashioned off line way of building ‘raving fans’ and marketing .

When you are building and promoting your own products or services, building client relationships and/or promoting affiliates, you will need a strategic action plan.

Your first steps?

  • Decide here and now, what is your purpose, your passion, and your product / service?
  • Take time to brainstorm your interests and talents, and you’ll quickly discover that you know a lot about a particular topic.
  • Then sit down and write out the answers to these questions:

1. What lifestyle do you want ?
2. What do you currently have to work with?
3. What is your passion? How do you find your niche?
4. Who is your competition and what do they look like?
5. How do you set up a blog?
6. How about an email marketing list?
7. How do you produce content for your site?

The thing to do if you’re planning on starting an online business, or thinking of starting an online business for marketing your ‘brick and mortar’ site, is to figure out “what in the world you want”. In other words find your purpose in starting an online business.

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