Got Authenticity, Knowledge, and Passion?

Got-Authenticity-Knowledge-Passion? Defining your purpose in business is giving you a definite goal for you to aim for. With this purpose in hand, you can successfully avoid activity traps and stay focused on productive efforts that move you towards your passion and vision. When you have your purpose you find…

  • The major time wasters that you need to let go of, so you can move forward more easily.
  • How to eliminate spending time with clients who are not in alignment with your vision and subsequently drain your energy. 
  • You act with authenticity, knowledge, and passion when you focus and work on things that important to you.

Your authenticity, knowledge, and passion can ooze from your business and attract the right attention for your business to grow.

Being authentic is about being natural. And, it is about following your heart and creating life’s ultimate win-win-win.

So how do you get there? How do you find your purpose and get your own authenticity, knowledge and passion working for you?

  1. Becoming clear about what you really want in life and discovering what’s been keeping you from having it.
  2. Realizing your own particular ideals and values.
  3. Acting on your clarity. Taking the steps towards your vision.

Your goal may be moving to having a lifestyle, in which rewarding work takes its rightful place as one part of experiencing a fulfilling life.

Living a life inspired by your own heartfelt purpose, includes your own authenticity, knowledge, and passion. 

It means discovering what really matters to you, aligning with what makes your heart sing, and serving others in great and small ways.

Finding your purpose and your passion in business?

Start by being able to answer the question… “Why do I do what I do?”

If you want to build a business that you love, so that when you wake up every morning, you are excited to get working on that project, or talking with a new client, and you know you’re making a contribution to the world by expressing your authentic passion…

  • Then you know that you have the foundation to creating work that fulfills your passion, brings financial security, and gives back to others.
  • This is bringing out your authenticity, knowledge, and passion.

It will simplify your hectic, or confused, journey and helping you get clear on your most important priorities.

And, that means making a decision to be productive, become unhampered in your productivity, and stick to your plan for success. …More ways to building your business…  Then join other small businesses at our Monthly no-cost Open Forum live Q&A call at==> Tired of working too hard to build your list? I have talked to other marketing coaches but didn’t feel a connection.  Donna actually listened to me and heard what I was trying to say.  She interacted with where I am and was the first one to actually take a look at my sites and what we were talking about while we were talking.   She paid attention to what I was saying and took that to where we needed to go.  Donna did more than just give suggestions (homework) as to where to go next.  She gave positive feedback, which always feels great, and let me know what I was doing correctly. She validated that where I am now and the future I am visualizing is going in the right direction. What a relief!“ Rita Bartholomew,

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