Are You A Value Producer?

Are-You-a-Value-Producer“Ask yourself what creates value for your users,” Google

Reader and customer loyalty is a fragile concept online, where your prospective customers are only a click away from a better read, or a better deal.

How do you get others online to know you exist and to keep coming back?

As a value producer, you first have to know your online marketing strategy by understanding your target audience, your goals, and your product, or service.

Defined goals helps you know what success means to you and your business. And, the value you can offer.

Are these some of your goals…

–       To build a large targeted audience?

–       Make profits for you and your business?

–       Launch your business?

–       Become a Value Producer?

Take a look at your blog and online content from the eye of your audience, which includes SEO – and know that it needs…

–          Content that’s inviting to share and to link to.

  • This is educating your audience…It is not marketing in the traditional sense. Marketing was about selling products to a target market without considering their needs and wants.

–          Optimized pages, so search engines know what your site is about and who might want to read it.

  • This includes your title that communicates the topic of your page’s content.
  • You can give value, but not if people can’t find you online.

–          Content that converts readers to buyers.

  • This positions you as an expert as you provide valuable content and then invite people to enroll.

          Blogging does increase the amount of searchable content – making it easier to be found.

  • Increased online exposure for your business is a grand reason for blogging.
  • Remember search engines do filter out duplicate content as not being of value to note.

And, it’s still all about answering people’s questions. Giving and showing you can offer valued solutions to their challenges.

As you are answering those questions, you’ll be remembering that search traffic has some of the most motivated people around looking for what they want to find. Usually to solve a challenge that they want an answer for.

• Value is based on the buyer’s perception of value.

Know your customers keeps coming back as a theme throughout your business. Knowing what they value is your business.

What are your own attitudes toward trust, value and engagement in marketing? Are you reflecting that in your content?

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    Great checklist; thank you!

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      Thank you, Sharyn for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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