Affiliate Marketing Tip: Choosing Your Products

Making money as an affiliate isn’t all about the marketing. It’s also about choosing profitable products. Here’s how…

Tip #1: Choose products with proven track records. If you’re choosing products on, then choose those at the top of their categories (i.e., the best sellers) and those with high gravity numbers (between about 75 and 150). In addition, ask the vendor about his conversion and refund rates.

Tip #2: Do NOT choose products based on price alone. Big price plus big commission percentages equals big profits, right?

NOT always.

Sometimes you can use low-price products to bring new customers into your sales funnel. So throw a few $5 to $50 products into the mix – you might be surprised at the stunning conversion rate and the new customers!

Tip #3: Select evergreen products. If you’re sending out live broadcasts to your list, you can sell any kind of affiliate product you want. But if you’re selling using long-term strategies like blogging and article marketing, then consider choosing “evergreen” products.

These are products that were relevant last year, this year and well into the foreseeable future. And that means you can make money on these products years after you submitted that article to the article directories.

Example: An ebook that teach marketers how to write good sales letters is evergreen, since these basic copywriting “rules” have been in place for as long has humans have advertised. On the other hand, a book about how to optimize web pages for Google is NOT evergreen, since search engine algorithms change frequently.

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Affiliate marketing has been around since the early days of the Internet. It enables you to earn commission when you recommend products, courses, and services offered by others to the people on your list and in your sphere of influence. There’s lots of profit potential with this business model, but a solid foundation and strategy must come first. I want you to know exactly how to do this through this program:

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