Setting Your 2011 Goals for Your Home Based Business

Before you settle into your goals for your home business in 2011, you need to think about what you really want from your home business.

One of the most frequently asked question I get is “what is business success?”

  • It is achieving your goals for your business.

Here are examples of questions I ask myself and you need to answer when planning business goals.

  • How much money do you want from your home business?
  • Why do you want or need this money?
  • Is your goal to quit your job, supplement your income, or what?
  • If your goal is to quit your job and make money from home, when?If you had the money you want from your business, what would you do with it? Specifically?
  • If you want to be financially free, how much income would it take to pay off your bills?
  • How much are you prepared and willing to commit the time and resources to make this happen?

When I first start any business, I always get excited about making an extra 100 dollars per month and I do consider that a success when it happens! I celebrate and let everyone know! And, later it may be 100 thousand! But only I can make that decision – and determine when I’ve reached my success goals.

So set your goal today. If this is your first success goal for a new home based business; It can change. It can grow. But it’s important you decide what defines “Success” for you.

Let’s talk! As your coach, I help you understand what it means to have a clear vision of what you want and how visualizing can give you something solid to focus on.

If you’re not clear what you really want your business to achieve, it’s like driving from Texas to Hawaii – oops, see there’s the problem! You’ll get somewhere, but will it be where you want to go?

Having a firm understanding of your purpose also helps you sustain the enthusiasm and staying power you’ll need for success.

Enjoy the process of building your own Business Success – and let’s talk about it along the way.

As your assignment today: Write the answers to the points above and add this:

I believe that anybody who is prepared to believe in
themselves can achieve anything.

Here is a good way to get your doubts into perspective:
· Get a piece of paper and write down the following… “ I can’t achieve my dream ”
· Then write, in big letters “ W H Y  N O T ? ”
· Write down everything which you believe is preventing you from achieving your dream.
· Now, look at that piece of paper and realize whatever you’ve  written down is your own personal belief, if you change your beliefs you will change your life and most importantly you will achieve more.

Let me repeat myself:

  • I believe that anybody who is prepared to believe in themselves can achieve anything.

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