Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a revenue Joint Venture between two businesses.

email marketingAnd, it is a form of Online Marketing

Say your business pays another business (who is your affiliate now) for sending new customers to your site. Like referring them.

  • An example is having your affiliate host your ad on their website, or send out emails for your product.

When potential customers find your business through the affiliate link (they click the url or the ad), you pay the affiliate a percentage of the income you receive.

  • The affiliate benefits by being paid to host your ad, or share your link with their email list.
  • Your business benefits by getting potential new customers. And, building your list.

Affiliate programs are ideal for businesses that are trying to get new customers. In as little as six months to a year, you can have hundreds of affiliates marketing your products or services.

Here is an example (and you can sign up here) of a sign up form ==> Click here to become an affiliate.

  • Sharing the affiliate link with your own email list means that you need to be writing Powerful Emails.

So just exactly how vital is it that your emails are powerful?

The fact is:

Powerful emails make a difference in your affiliate marketing business.

Email marketing is the most used and the most effective method that is available to you as an affiliate marketer for contacting your list members and selling your affiliate, plus your own, products and services to them.

  • You may have contact and market to your list by way of a webinar or a teleseminar and be able to speak directly with them occasionally but that doesn’t happen very often, usually.

==> Email is the way that you contact the members of your list on a regular basis. And, share your affiliate links and information with them.

  • You are hoping to be selling them a product or service for which you are an affiliate marketer.

And, I agree with many top-marketers, when you share an affiliate product with your list:

You want to know that it is a worthwhile and legitimate product that they will find of use.

What more is there?

  • By writing powerful sales emails you will also be helping your list with products and ideas that they might find useful.
  • By writing powerful sales emails you will increase the bottom line of your bank account.
  • By writing powerful sales emails you will increase your credibility in the eyes of your list members.
  • By writing powerful sales emails you will increase your value as a joint venture partner in the eyes of other affiliate marketers and other Internet marketers.

Promoting Your Affiliate Program

Once your program is set up and ready to go, the most important task is affiliate

Recruiting quality affiliates to your program is an ongoing task that
should never end. You want to be sure that affiliates and fans of your brand are
aware that your program is alive and welcome.

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