3 Secrets to Building Your Quality List

qualityAs a small business, you want ways to not just grow your business, but to thrive and prosper.

You must be continually adding the right prospects to your list

Once you know the strategies for building your quality list, you’ll find it to be vital to your success as an entrepreneur, online and offline.

Start now to insure you have the tactics in place…

List Building Secret #1 – Make Your Content Relevant

This Keeps Your Subscribers Happy And Boosts The Amount Of People Who Will Recommend Your Newsletter To Their Friends.

One of the biggest problems I see newsletter and content writers have online is that they write about subjects no one in their market is really interested in (unless it is a paid ebook). They just write about whatever they think people want to know about without doing any of the research, which is a huge ‘no-no’

This problem can be solved,  when you have your market well defined.

You write content in your newsletters that interests your readers. There is no use having an ezine on coin collecting and running articles on stamp collecting just because you couldn’t be bothered finding the right content for your for your coin collecting information.

  • You can easily overcome this.

Just send out an email asking your readers what they want to read.

Also sign up for other ezines in your market and see what they are writing about.

List Building Secret #2 – Add More Opi-in Boxes To Your Website and/or Blog

Sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it!

If you have a 100 page online site, you should have 100 opt-on/subscribe boxes.

You can integrate an optin box just about anywhere in your site. You could add one just before an article starts, in the middle of an article or even at the end of the article.

As long as you have good content on your website, you won’t have a problem getting people to subscribe to your newsletter – or wanting more information from you.

An interesting way to do this for a content site is to have your optin box on every page in the top right column. Make it noticeable. So they can’t miss it!

  • Also, put it in some of your posts, articles.

Then there is the very effective pop-up box that asks for your you information in exchange for your irresistible gift.

List Building Secret #3 –  Offer An Outstanding Bonus Or Gift

The best way to offer a freebie is to create one yourself. You want it to be unique, and you want it to be something that plugs your newsletter or what you do.

Do you know what makes a good bonus? What are the issues that keep your target market awake at night? And, what are your solutions? Give a couple of those solutions away in an audio, ebook and workbook.

Give a solutions kit. You don’t have to give everything away.

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