Law of Accident and Business

law-of-accident-and-businessThink strategically. Being aware of the Law of Accident and Business is to your advantage. It is knowing that you can be intentionally thinking about what you are doing with purpose and thought.

The Law of Accident and Business helps you understand that success, in any situation, under any circumstance is not by accident!

It means setting big goals for improving your business and intentionally mapping your journey to make those big goals a reality.

It can be you impacting your world!

What you think about yourself determines who you can be…

Do you believe that success is for the lucky, or the well prepared?

Being prepared is having clarity so you can discover the steps to more success. 

The Law of Accident and Business is spiritual and it is a philosophy you can use to improve your attitude.

==> Becoming aware of the use of systems to outline and focus yourself in more direct ways to move you towards your goals on purpose.

You can achieve your God-given potential in the ways others have achieved it before you, and you will eventually get the successful results that they have ~ if that’s your intention!

This is referred to in the Bible as the Law of Sowing and Reaping which says that, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.” Sowing and reaping is a law of the natural world.

You can have a map that will allow you to be the driver in your business and live with your lists of action steps to implement now, and use your powerful approach to be bold in translating your purpose into practical reality.

Real success happens through focus and intentionality. Not by accident and luck.

Please allow me to ask you this…Do you have a responsibility to push beyond your comfort zones and maximize your positive influence in business and the world?

Your success is not just a destination—you can never completely arrive at your door of success.

What can you do with the Law of Accident and Business?

–          You can know that intentional approach is you taking charge of the Law of Accident and Business.

–          What one change can you make that will bring your thoughts and action back in your ‘success’ control?

–          What would that be like…having a business with intention and purpose?

It might mean clarity, freedom and fun!

What does it take to do this? 

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