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Learn how to market yourself authentically and attract the right clients for you.

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Paul Zelizer is a business success coach who specializes in helping heart based business owners learn to make more money and experience more meaning in their work. He combines his 30+ year passion for understanding powerful inner technologies with a conscious approach to the latest business technologies like the Internet.

Paul’s approach is unique because he combines:

  1. State of the art mindset tools to help you ease your fears and find your wisdom.
  2. Proven conscious business and relationship marketing practices.

It’s a combination that has helped hundreds of people move from struggling along in their heart based businesses or working in jobs they hate to lives full of profits, passion, and purpose.

In the past 20 years, scientists have learned more about how our nervous systems effect our purchases and business behaviors than in the previous millenium. Yet, many small business owners are unaware of these findings and continue to struggle more than necessary. In this fun, interactive and information packed session, Paul will share with you how today’s leading companies – like Google, Facebook and Zappos – are increasing their success through the power of whole person intelligence . He also will show you exactly how he gets fantastic results incorporating these same principles into his coaching with service professionals and small business owners.

Date: April 12, Tuesday, 10 AM Pacific Time/1pm ET

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