The Law of Capital and Business

Your most valuable asset in your business and life is making use of the Law of Capital and Business

law-of-capital-and-businessIt is your physical, mindset, and spiritual capital…your earning ability.

The Law of Capital and Business works in Nature for us.

  • This is Your Capital…Even a little capital used right, will help you excel compared to the person who doesn’t invest and make use of what they have.

And the more you invest your money, time, and spiritual gifts, wisely, the more quickly you’ll see your business profits increase. You’re using the Law of Capital and Business, so your own capital continues to also grow by this predictable law.

  • I read that Maynard (Lord) Keynes once said that for centuries people had kept religion and business in ‘different compartments of the soul’.

This brought to mind the problems that many of us have with the word ‘Capital’. ‘Capitalism’ seems to be a mindset with emotional and moral baggage.

The word, capitalism implies a system, I am a systems type of person, so I do like the implication and can see how it could be used in this discussion.

==> The word, ‘capital’, can also remind us to use our time, money and spiritual talents wisely.

This is your treasure in business.

You are a person with capital…natural and otherwise. You can make great use of the Law of Capital and Business.

Understanding what your own capital is and using it…

How can you use your time, money, talents…Your Spiritual Talents to grow yourself and your business?

  • You have the capital of time and talents…money is there for you. Don’t ask where, it’s there.

— Write out how you can make better use of the Law of Capital and Business using your capital that you have right now.

— What are your talents, your abilities…Your God-given gifts?

— How are you spending, or consuming, sharing these?

— What about your training and experience?

— How have you used this?

— How can you better use this?

The Law of Capital and Business is based on your capabilities to use what you have and continue to gain more and grow.

You own competence and expertise can come from your wise use of the Law of Capital and Business.

As you discover more about what you have now and can gain with the Law of Capital and Business, you use your own capabilities to do your best in reaching your vision for your business and life.

Gaining clarity helps you decide how to spend your time, efforts, and money.

One power project is leveraging you as the go-to person in your industry…and creating and building your list is sharing your business with prospects…

…More ways to building your business?

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