Hiring Your Prospective Client

There’s a saying that “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Step 1 in Business – Learning Relationship Marketing & Sales

Remember, it’s about your prospective client and less about getting the client – if you only have a vague idea of your prospective client, how are you going to know what they care about. I know, you’ve heard this all before. But wait…

Learning to remember how important this could be for me was trial and error, oh, and procrastination. The procrastination was fear – uneasiness that I was wasting my time, but mostly, that I they could hear and feel my insecurity with a new product. This is why as I am coaching business entrepreneurs, I can put myself in their shoes and understand – sharing the business training I was put through.

This is how I learned –
I watched and studied the sales people who came into our offices, and I observed vendors at conventions and home show booths.

I thought they were just shooting the breeze, or as some would say just a lot of ‘BS’ was going on – between the ‘guys’. It looked like they were wasting time – I wanted to just get to the business at hand.

They were talking about football – I like football, but not enough to stand around and talk about it to a client – ‘Hey, how about those Dodgers’ (ok that’s baseball – same idea, though!) It certainly didn’t seem that any real work, or as you could say – coaching them along to their business goal – was getting accomplished.

So, what could I talk about then? Talk about the client – ask questions. I found books about what to ask – I read and I read. None of it really felt comfortable.

Then I listened to my Broker talk to clients with such ease – even on cold calling. He just acted like he met them at a party and started to visit. Well, I could do that (after all, I am a social butterfly).

Bottom line is then – be yourself and care about your prospective client. It costs very little to be patient and find the realized value on both sides of the conversation.

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Hiring Your Prospective Client

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