Easy to Remember Sales Process

The Easy to Remember Sales Process
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Rodney_Rich]Rodney Rich

Rodney Rich is successful client of Coach Donna L. Ward – He is very caring and really knows what he’s talking about  in this article about the sales process steps  – Be sure to read his other articles and find out more about Rodney by clicking http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Rodney_Rich

Most entrepreneurs are great at allowing people to sample what they have to offer. Maybe you give away a free e-book, CD or free session. You do this so customers can sample what you do. They get a taste of your services and you do this in hopes they will buy.

All of this is like planting seeds. There are many parables about farming and business in many ways can be like farming.

  • You prepare the soil.
  • You plant the seed.
  • You nurture the crop.
  • You reap the harvest.

This all seems to be relatively easy to understand. In business you can follow the same path.

  1. You get your message out. Social Media or conventional marketing that is preparing the soil.
  2. You give away a sample of your product or service. Maybe you speak on your expertise. That is planting the seed.
  3. You follow up with your prospects making sure they liked the sample and if they have any other questions. That is nurturing the crop.
  4. You close the sale. This is the harvest portion.

Unfortunately, step 4 is where everything can fall apart. Have you ever wondered how you could do such a great job, preparing the soil, planting the seed, and nurturing the crop only to watch someone else get the sale?

Someone else gets the sale because we think that the sale is going to magical close for us. We think we have created such frenzy that our prospects can’t help but buy. This type of thinking leads to zero sales, and if you do get any, it was just plain luck.

I am going to challenge you to ask for the sale. If you don’t ask for it someone else will. Your business cannot grow unless you’re asking for the sale.

Having an irresistible offer never hurts the close. This will help you feel confident when you ask for the sale. Most people think the sale is the hardest part of business and it is just because they have not practiced it enough to be proficient. Start practicing and start seeing results.

Remember, the process itself is simple however mastering the close is the most important part. This takes time to refine your skills and gain perfection. Once you do this you can create a repeatable system that can lead you to increased income. Just remember to make your system repeatable and teachable. The beauty of this is that you know it will work and you can train a sales force to help you meet your goals.

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