Extraordinary Success in Business

extraordinary-success-businessThe best way to create spectacular results in your business is through daily practice.

That’s because extraordinary success in business doesn’t come by accident or luck.

As an entrepreneur, you can get extraordinary success in business by relentlessly focusing on the right things. Like delivering outrageous value to your prospects and customers.

What are some other power tips for becoming an extraordinary success in business?


One of the biggest exercises you can do to become focused on the right things is to push aside the noise, sometimes just temporarily, but regularly.

Noise, like those little fires that have to be put out and those mesmerizing new programs and emails that pop up to steal our attention away from moving in the right direction towards our goals.

It is so important to stay connected and focused on the big picture, your vision.

An easy routine set into place could be silence, being still and quiet, even before you arise in the mornings.

Periodically throughout the day also you can go for a walk and become quiet as you get away from your business noise and rush…I’m doing that shortly after I post this blog! 

You might journal, write out more details about your vision, your dream.

The extraordinary successful entrepreneurs stay ‘on vision’!

Avoid the distractions.


Your outstanding, extraordinary success in business starts with leading yourself.

So you can lead others, grow, and contribute.


Your business achievements are all about energy management, enthusiasm, and passion.

Sound so clear and obvious, right?

You know that what you focus on brings energy,passion, and your enthusiasm to help make it happen.


1. Gain clarity.

– Know your vision and the outcome you are focused on.

2. Know why you’re doing what you do.

I know everyone wants to help others. Ask yourself what’s in it for you?

– Is it to put your kids into private schools?

– Do you want to build a bigger retirement fund?

3. Decide,  commit, and implement!

– What can you do to be more important and visible to your prospects and current customers?

4. Provide a predictable experience for your customers.

– Put systems into place for attracting your ideal customer and keeping them interested.


Your activities = your results.

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“Donna! You’re so good at giving nice clear instructions on what to do next. Always lots of bonus info too! Thanks. I’m looking forward to the next one and trying to push myself to follow through.” Kathleen Swiderski


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  • August 11, 2014 at 11:42 am

    I have heard Donna speak before as well as know many of her clients. I hear only great things about what Donna teaches and that everyone gets more then what they ask for. Sandy Evers.

    • August 11, 2014 at 1:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Sandy – What an honor to hear that from you! Big hugs, Coach Donna

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      Thank you Sandy! I always love hearing from you and am grateful! 🙂

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      Thank you Anmol Rawat – so glad you stopped by and hope to see you here soon, again! 🙂

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