Creating a Business Blog

Creating a business blog? So, what’s happening with your work on creating a business blog and making it work for your small business? Creating a business blog is essential in your business plan.

Do you find yourself hearing this a lot? ‘If you are in business, you need to be found on the web. You need to be everywhere your potential client hangs out.” Well, when you create your business blog, it is your business hub on the web!

There are four primary reasons why you want to use a blog for your business:

1. Build a brand
2. Generate leads
3. Get sales
4. Advertising Revenue

Creating a business blog can support any one of these goals. You have to know that being found is the key on the web. You have got to be in front of your target audience and a blog is one of the best platforms on which to do that.

  • Here is a short list to help remind you of small business blogging benefits:

By creating a business blog as a markeitng tool you will:

  • have a greater visibility,
  • get found by your ideal client – optimizing your key words so you can be found,
  • enhance your reputation,
  • establish your brand,
  • build credibility,
  • establish thought leadership in your industry,
  • get more traffic,
  • build your list of prospective customers,
  • get more business!

Some stats have shown that companies that blog get 55% more online visitors. Wouldn’t you like 55% more visitors to your business?

A blog is a tool to attract clients.  Your blog can become the cornerstone of your business – your blog will be your business hub. People using the Internet read blogs, because that’s what the search engines feed to them, because of the content that is posted and available on blogs.

Technorati did a survey of over 7000 people who use the Internet – and found that 51% of Internet users read a blog at least monthly and that is going up.

Blogs have become a very mature media channel. People are trusting blogs as much as friend referrals and social media sources.

Creating a Business Blog Posting frequency routine  Versus customer acquisition:

  • 50% of businesses have acquired a customer through their business blog – and it is directly related to how often they post on their blog. The more you post the more likely you are going to be attracting customers, building your business and making money.

You have heard me say to post at least 2 or 3 times weekly, on a regular basis. Yet, if you can post more often it will be even more beneficial.

So what are you waiting for?


If you need help, then check out my own course that I offer: “Unlocking the Power of Your Small Business Blog”

Learn how to create a business blog and make it work for you!

We all want to have a successful business, and creating a business blog online is a huge part of this process. I look forward to serving you and being a part of helping you to build your own online business right away.

So what are you really waiting for?

I’ll walk you through the process if you would like and give you the steps to take to get your blog noticed. But, a really big part of it? YOU! You have to start – and getting started is the first step to success.

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