Got a Business Success Formula?

I always say my first grown up business success formula came from and was inspired by Mary Crowley, of Home Interiors.

business-success-formulaHer business success formula helped me win every trip and gift I aimed for with Home Interiors. I had the privilege of being in Mary Crowley’s home and meeting her personally as I was treated like royalty.

She was a caring business woman, who believed in people and who help develop my business sense by instilling her belief that I could become more, and help others become more than they were.

Direct selling, is what I learned.

–        The key characteristic of direct selling for me was the relationship between me as an independent contractor and my customer.

–        It was personal, supportive, and fun.

–        It was all about the customer.

The business success formula I learned was an example of industry leaders who contributed willingly of their time and effort. This was a prime example of a Christian based company coaching me, and others in a happy environment.

This was the example I carried on when I became a Director, and later the Executive Director, of the Presbyterian Church’s Christian Conference Centers in Southern California. I continue to use her training.

How did this business success formula training hit home for me?

–        My first full year with Home Interiors found me as the #1 Top Sales Producer for Southern California.

–        As the Director of my first conference center, I used the same caring, Christian principles for the little camp that went from one group a month to growing 33% a year after 6 months of putting care, effort, strategy, and prayer into the works.

–        As a Loan Officer? I struggled my first 6 months. Crying this just wasn’t for me. Then I started thinking about the original training I had with Mary Crowley.

  • I started watching what my Broker did and went to every meeting and training I could find to get more coaching on my work. Quite an expensive adventure that paid off…
  • At the 6 month mark I got my first loan and then so many more came, I was in the 6 figure mark very quickly.

–        When I became a Business Coach? I found great Business Coaches and a lot of training and focused intention with prayer to guide me into my successes.

The entrepreneurial spirit may have started in me when I was 5 years old, selling recycled bicycles, but for me I absolutely need a Business Coach like Mary Crowley to teach me how to start sharing goodness and help others enjoy what I had to offer.

I did get a Business Success Formula and it’s been working, thanks to Mary Crowley and her care for helping me personally along with 1000’s of others.

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