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I have always been impressed by people who could successfully use the art of business influence to help others in good ways. And, now I have learned some secrets.

Learning more about the art of business influence will benefit you in all your business endeavors and is a key to success. I have heard that we are continuously exerting influence, even as the flower also exerts influence by spreading its fragrance in the air.

— In order to inspire in any situation and help others make a decision for your products or programs, you will need to understand and talk about the source of unhappiness and what may keep your clients up with worry at night. Then establish the transformation which precedes their happiness and help them want more.

— In order to have business influence on your sales, the outcome or transformation that person will receive from engaging your services needs to be very clear to them. What is it, that if somebody engages in your product or service they will walk away with?

— Your offer will share the outcome of using your services – their transformation. Once you have identified the outcome, the transformation, then you walk your clients through the processes. You are bringing the transformation alive in their minds.

Your business influence is sharing with them how you can help transform their lives. Help them understand that your services can do this for them. And, take them through the steps of transformation when they purchase your services.

Check out my‘About Coach Donna L. Ward’ page and see what I am talking about.

Be the client you want to attract – understand the solution they want – and take decisive action. Don’t expect people to do it differently. If you want to have a breakthrough in the art of business influence,right now, do the thing that is uncomfortable. Be decisive.

What are some ways you can help your clients transform their lives? What are some of your helpful and successful business influence ideas?[gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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Donna Ward

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