What is a Blogging Site?

Blogging SiteWhat is a Blogging site?

A blogging site IS a dynamic website – 

  • That means lively and interactive.

Then the  advantage of a WordPress blogging site is that you will be able to publish content such as written text, audio and video and have it online within minutes.

  • Traditional static (fixed) web sites can take hours to update and cost you each time – unless you’re familiar with building or editing html.

Once you have your blogging site up, it is very easy to write your first post. I have heard that when you are starting out, you need to put up 5-10 posts before you go ‘live’.

  • Add (easily) a couple of plug-ins and widgets and…

Now, you are ready to do business and invite the search engines to come visit your site!

WordPress Blogging Sites Make Optimizing Your New Site For The Search Engines Much Easier.

Each time you publish a blog post, you automatically notify the search engines by having a ping list that you have new content on your site. This gives the search engines a reason to come and visit your site to index it’s new content.

— This also means that blogging sites are indexed much more often than traditional static websites and, blogs show up 10 times more often in organic searches than static websites do.

Great for your budget!

Blogs are cheaper to build than static websites. Even if you get your neighbor build you a site for fre.e, you will still need a budget to maintain the site and keep the site updated.

With the traditional static websites you do what is called “on page” and “off page” search engine optimization, if you want your site to show up in the natural search engine results.

So if you want to get found and be able to interact with your visitors, plus do updates, much easier, and not spend a whole lot from your budget?

  • You might seriously think about setting up a blogging site compared to a static web site..

Now I have set up a lot of blogging sites for my clients and myself.  I like to use Hostmonster to take care of the hosting and domain name.

Check it out, and if you need my help, contact me!

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What is a Blogging Site?

  • March 15, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Donna,

    You are so right about the SEO advantages and the audience engagement of blogs vs. static websites. The challenge that many people find is to update our blogs frequently enough with quality content. I tend to postpone posting because of perfectionism. I want my posts to be truly worth reading.

    The challenge is compounded because I have started several blogs. Blogging with real value takes considerable time. Some of us might be better advised to focus on one blog. Thanks for the value that you contribute!
    Buddy Hodges recently posted..Social Networking Online and OfflineMy Profile

    • March 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you, Buddy – I am honored that you took a moment to notice my post and time to write a comment – I have enjoyed your own site’s postings.

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