Best Audience

Have you chosen to narrow your search down to the best audience to target?

We know we are not going to please everyone. So, ignore everyone who is not the best audience for you.

Your best audience will have these components:

Best Audience
Best Audience
  1. It’s large.
  2. It can afford your services / products.
  3. It is likely to type in your keywords online.
  4. It’s likely to then respond to your message.

Of course, we want all four pieces above to work together.

  • You need to find a large enough audience that can afford your work and are interested enough to go to your site.
  • Then you need them to stay focused enough to respond to your story –
  • Now, you have found your best audience.

 So take care of your best audience.

You want to make your site is worth coming back to and referring others.

  • Think about what first impressions your new visitors are getting.
  • Being very good isn’t good enough, you have to be different, remarkable, interesting.
  • You want to be worth recommending.

How do you keep your best audience interested, and not bored or frustrated?

  • Your visitor needs to know what they are to do once they are on your site or page.
  • Your visitor needs to know what you think is the smart thing for them to do on your site.

Like ‘clicking here is the smart thing to do’ because ‘clicking here’ is going to solve your problem.

  • And, remember good sales people understand what studies have shown.

When faced with too many choices, people can’t make a decision. So, they may decide to leave.

  • Offering 3 or 4 broad categories is what I was taught in my first private contractor sales’ position.

Then help them narrow that down further.

Make it easy to for your best audience and they might refer you to others like them.

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Best Audience

  • March 20, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Excellent post, Donna! I especially like point #3. I hadn’t considered that before but it makes perfect sense. With all the time online business owners spend on marketing, this is definitely a tip that we cannot afford to miss.

    • March 21, 2012 at 3:47 pm

      Wowee! Benita – it is so fun to see you here and thank you – I am honored that you read my posts – Love ya!~♥~

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