How to Extend Your Facebook Page Reach

facebook-page-reachLet’s talk about your Facebook Page reach and engagement.

But first, let’s go over a couple of quick definitions:

Facebook post reach is:

Reaching people within their own News Feeds, on your Page, and what is shared by friends. The more reach the more possibility of engagement.

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Engagement absolutely rules  – And content is always king.

facebook-page-reachBut behind the scenes…

We all know that, if no one engages with our content, what’s the point of creating it? 


How many times people Like your posts, points to how well your content resonates with people.


The number of comments is important, the tone of comments can provide insight to Facebook for how people feel about your content, products, or your brand.


The number of times people share your content measures how much your content is amplified by those who see it.

Growing your Facebook Page’s popularity.

Your ironclad Facebook goals are always…

• Capture the attention of possible prospects and customers

• Create a connection with your content

• Know and understand how many people see your posts – the analytics

Let’s be clear when you have a community it’s because of shared interests.

Your challenge then is in creating content for your community that will be relevant to your fans. Reminding fans in a way that highlights value but doesn’t bombard them with the same messaging over and over.

Now you need to:

Have a plan to increase your Facebook Page reach with your community. 

Boost their interaction to create more engagement.

Grow an active audience versus a passive audience. 

In my experience, this is the formula…

It’s about telling your story in your own unique voice building an awareness of your Facebook page

The way you tell your story means that you:

  • Share photos and videos and ask questions to start building those relationships.
  • Offer a rich experience bringing your (business) story to life with rich content that gives your message life and engages your audience.

It’s also about amplifying your impact.

Which means getting your story out there every time someone hits the ‘Like Page’ button, and “Like, Comment, Share” your posts.

When people ‘Like’ your Page, their friends see this action in their News Feed and can also connect to your Page. They can also like, comment, and share your posts.

You’ll measure and optimize  

The Admin Panel on your Facebook Page makes it easy for you to manage and optimize your Page. Read more at Facebook Insights: Reach

You can learn what posts did well and analyze why.

As an example: A post doing well could mean that you had lots of images showing your newly baked cupcakes looking so inviting and real. Causing lots of engagement – translates to Facebook Page reach optimized!

facebook-page-reachYour Facebook Insights gives you a lot of information you want and need about your fans and your posts.

You already have great content you share on Facebook, right?

  • Now your content promotion can be designed to increase reach, engagement, and brand visibility.
Remember your goal is extending your Facebook Page reach.

Start attracting an audience who is actually interested in what you have to offer!

Now that you know what to focus on in a few of the different Facebook metrics, start implementing so you can make better decisions, improve your Facebook page performance and gain that insider success.

If You’re ready to grow your Facebook Page reach – Don’t be helpless!

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