Marketing to Tap Into Your Positioning

Marketing-to-Tap-Into-Your-PositioningIs it possible to capture and communicate anything of value about your brand and what you offer using a value, or positioning, statement?

Your positioning statement can help your target market think about your product compared to your competitor’s products.

There are 2 Key Drivers of a powerful and persuasive message… Read more

Are You an Extraordinary Business?

Rxtraordianry Business by designWhat makes you extraordinary in your business? Is it…

Knowing what is different about what you do in business that makes you successful…and doing it on purpose with a purpose.

–          It is putting the needs of your customers first. Focusing on the outcomes, their transformations.

–          Having a purpose and values.

  • Because, without a purpose, you may have no heartfelt motivation.
  • And, there is a direct relationship between clear values and success.

–          Making a conscious decision of getting out of sales and getting into helping your customers.

Being an extraordinary business is building relationships, listening well, having the skills and rapport to know what and when to ask, as you gain the knowledge of how you can be of help, and then helping. Read more

Email Marketing: 3 Proven Tips

emailThere really is nothing new about the concept of building your Email list. The idea of building a list of contacts is not the  “shiny, bright object” for you to check out.

  • It is really just the difference between the customer files and Rolodex systems that are still in use by many, and building contacts online.

And, understanding that online list building systems give us a HUGE advantage.

  • We can connect globally, faster, easier, and use the power Social Media. Reaching…Well, literally the ‘sky is the limit’!

But, EVERYONE is trying to do the same thing in their business. The Challenge, then? Read more