How to Be Social and Build Your Online Reputation


It’s really great that you can build brand awareness, find clients, and make more sales even as you’re being social and building your online reputation.

Just by using SOCIAL MEDIA tools.

Managing your online reputation is more than promotion. Consider it part of your online existence and be persistent in making it a main concern.

Think of it as self-defense and make it a priority.

Whether you know it or not, your online presence may be growing without any input from you.

Take control.

Engage and manage your reputation.

Be social and build your online reputation personalizing your brand and setting up a solid reputation and foundation online.

 “Connecting” is the new handshake

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Do You Need This Blogging Tip?

Recently I was asked about this blogging tip:this-blogging-tip

“If you could only give one tip to bloggers, what would it be and why?”

It’s taken me a few years to figure this out for myself.

Putting this blogging tip into my own words took some thinking back to my own struggles and why I had them.

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Got Backlinking and SEO Powers?

backlinks and googleWhat are some of the greatest ways of gaining consistent high search engine results for your blog?

Using your backlinking and SEO powers can be how you gain more strength in your traffic

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Got A Social Media Mindset?

social-media-mindsetYour Social Media mindset is the challenge for you to find your place online.

To really have a Social Media mindset, you’ll be thinking about building your community around what it loves…in my case:

  • I would be building a community that loves blogging.

That also means my Social Media mindset has to be on what is it about my community, my audience, that makes them love blogging.

  • I would be asking what is their passion for blogging.

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