Want Quick Start List Building Strategies?

It’s a tried and true business success strategy!

But, what does it mean to have list building strategies?


List Building Strategies # 1

Collecting email addresses and names from your customers AND possibility customers in every way that you can!

– This can be from your online site visitors opting in for a gift they want in exchange for their email, or collecting contact information from those you see out networking.

Once you have a couple of list building strategies that are working consistently for you, you’ll communicate and build business relationships consistently with your list.

Some quick list building actions you can take, right now? Read more

Customer Testimonials As Marketing Tools?

http://www.planningbusinessstrategies.com/Customer testimonials as marketing tools have been quietly used for years by many successful gurus.

–       Just look at sales and optin pages, websites and blogs where you’ll see the many happy faces and videos telling about their great successes with that product or services.

–       You can take a look at my own at Donna’ Woo-hoos

You, too, can easily turn happy customer experiences into marketing messages that can have a fabulous impact on your business.

Maybe you’d like a list some of the ways, and whys, you can use customer testimonials as marketing tools? OK…I think:

–          Testimonials are a great for building credibility for your business.

–          Using customer testimonials as marketing tools doesn’t cost money.

–          Put them on your website, use them in ads, make them a part of your presentations, and fliers, in brochures. Read more