Want Quick Start List Building Strategies?

It’s a tried and true business success strategy!

But, what does it mean to have list building strategies?


List Building Strategies # 1

Collecting email addresses and names from your customers AND possibility customers in every way that you can!

– This can be from your online site visitors opting in for a gift they want in exchange for their email, or collecting contact information from those you see out networking.

Once you have a couple of list building strategies that are working consistently for you, you’ll communicate and build business relationships consistently with your list.

Some quick list building actions you can take, right now?

  • Optin gift for your site.
  • Networking offline
  • Networking online
  • Tele-classes
  • Interviews
  • Keep doing it!

List Building Strategies #2

– It’s your list – you can train them.

Keep your list from SHRINKING!

Give them valuable information and insights that will entice them to read your edu-marketing tips and lessons leading them to click on your links.

This is where you get to really stand out. Email marketing is why we do list building.

You’ll share your expertise.

  • If you’re a dog trainer. You could have a live event or a tele-class talking about how to leash train your dog. The types of leashes and collars for different types of dog and owner personalities.

You want your list to generate income for your business!

Put money in your pocket, no matter what business you’re in, using the right strategies consistently…

List Building Strategies #3

Your goal as a list builder:

At some point, maybe often, you’ll get new customers from your list, but you want more fish to choose from in your pond to reach and increase revenue.

So, you’ll continue to build your list through the strategies I’ve mentioned and…

– You really, really need a list that is a targeted audience – that’s why you really, really have to…

  • Get Clear About the WHO of Your Audience – people you want to join your list.

Your list quality matters more than size, how exactly do you go about building that list?

Keep in mind who you serve:

  • Means having clarity about your message to your audience.
  • Always support your business message.

What’s your message tell about your business promise of transformation for them?

As an Intuitive Business Coach, I have a few services and products, but my central idea is I help conscious entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their businesses.

That’s my message, and my goal is that it shines in everything I do and say.

What about your list building strategies?

Your most important strategy that will help bring your business success is building your list and your business relationships.

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