How to Use Competitors to Find Your Best Facebook Targeted Audience

Facebook Targeted Audience

One way to speed up building your Facebook targeted audience a bit…

Use like type businesses, your competitors, to find your best Facebook targeted audience.

Because building your Facebook business community can be, well, difficult.


Marketing on Facebook means you always need to find new ideas and great content to share. But more than that, your content must generate engagement to drive organic reach.

Your goal is to always to find out how to build a long-term, sustainable fan base.

Marketing on Facebook is about building your ideal audience, to drive traffic to your website and blog, grow your email lists, and convert sales. Read more

Feeling Better Connected On Social Media?

connected-on-social-mediaLet’s talk about being better connected on Social Media for your blogging.

Being connected on Social Media can also mean information overload…with so many choices.

Yet, smart bloggers know that blogging and brand engagement is motivated by offering what attracts and holds the attention of your audience ~ your readers.

Your question might start with:

“How can Facebook and Twitter help achieve my blogging goals?” Read more