Are You Stuck in Business?

stuck-in-businessI didn’t know that I felt stuck in business the first 2 years of my coaching!


I could pick from a wide range of potential options.  I was unclear how to narrow down my choices and focus on one to get me moving.

Whew! So many decisions.

I just could not get the understanding what I was passionate about in business and find any one way to move and make a choice.

Have you ever felt that way?

But, what did you do?

Here’s what I felt I needed to do as I started to focus on getting unstuck in business and I listened to my intuition (of course) to lead me on what to do next.

If you’re not yet used to tuning into your inner self… Read more

Gifts of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Gifts-of-Conscious-EntrepreneursThe gifts of conscious entrepreneurs are that they are aware.

Intentionally practicing personal accountability and responsibility even as they are gaining more personal freedom for success and wealth in their businesses and lives.

Your gifts as a conscious entrepreneur are being mindful of the part you play in your ideal clients’ solution as you help them process their thinking about your work.

OK. I really like that…yet

It took me a while to figure out that I am a conscious entrepreneur, being aware of how I connect with others as I naturally combine spiritual with logical strategies for business and life.  Read more

Have You Got Competitive Edge?

systems to start withYour business’ reputation, message, brand, product, price, marketing, sales, delivery, and guarantees are part of your competitive edge in business.

People that are successful in business, and life, take responsibility for their results and learn how to find their own competitive edge.

But what does that mean?

Your competitive edge has parts of…

  • Building a structure and a frame, around your business to help you stay consistent in your actions and your message.
  • Gaining more confidence and being more productive… Read more

Got Systems Control?

Got Systems Control?There must be some reason that when I mention business systems, you might think of computers storing and processing data, like a ‘point of sale’ system for retail stores. That’s what many small business owners picture. And they think these type of systems aren’t for them..

Well, that type of system may or may not be for your business.

But, a business system isn’t just hardware or software. Read more

Your Competitive Edge In Business

Your Competitive Edge In Business

Competitive EdgeWhat is the most important aspect to your success as a small businessperson?

Sometimes my clients feel concerned thinking that they need to have the letters behind their name, or are new to presenting their product, and they feel they need an online presence as soon as possible. But, this isn’t what brings success.

This is what my clients feel will help them have it more together as they start off.

And we all know that our business’s reputation, product, price, the marketing, delivery, and guarantees add to the puzzle of our business unique-ability. Add to that wonderful testimonials and brand awareness, oh, plus social media strategy and we’ve got it just about covered as you step to the brink of success.

Yet… Read more

Get Your Business Out of Start-Up Phase by Growing Your Team

By Michele Scism

In the past week, I have read the results from three different surveys that all say that time and time management are the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs face.  I think this is especially true in the beginning (or start-up phase) where there is so much to do and there aren’t any systems created to actually get the work done.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to put the systems and people in place to quickly move past the overwhelming “start-up” phase to the much more satisfying (and profitable) growth phase.

So, here’s the bad news… you cannot move into the growth phase if you are doing everything in your business yourself.  After all, you only have 24 hours in a day – and there is only so much you can accomplish by yourself.

Here are a few ideas about how to move your business into the growth phase. Read more