Got A Social Media Mindset?

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Social Media Manager, Blog Consultant and Trainer at Ask Coach Donna
Social media training and promotion for entrepreneurs, professionals, and business bloggers.
Certified Business Coach, Intuitive Strategist ~ As a Social Media Manager and Coach, I do the work for you and/or train corporations and small businesses how to set up their blog and a Social Media Marketing Plan around their blog/website as their business hub. As a Social Media Marketing Expert, I teach Relationship Marketing and Social Media Mastery, consulting and speaking services for corporate, business owners, and conscious entrepreneurs around the globe!
Donna Ward
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social-media-mindsetYour Social Media mindset is the challenge for you to find your place online.

To really have a Social Media mindset, you’ll be thinking about building your community around what it loves…in my case:

  • I would be building a community that loves blogging.

That also means my Social Media mindset has to be on what is it about my community, my audience, that makes them love blogging.

  • I would be asking what is their passion for blogging.

Let’s say you’ve done the above steps, next start telling your story. Read more