How to Break Through the Wilderness of Social Media Marketing

how to break through - best to use for postI’ve enjoyed my journey through the wilderness of social media marketing, because I have an end goal.

To drive powerfully relevant traffic, build relationships, attract more email leads to build my list, and generate revenue.

But that’s just part of the story…

I started blogging in 2009. Within months I knew I was hungry for more social media.

– So I started to put together my own Social Media Content Marketing Plan as a system to guide me to reach my goals and successes.

  • I also learned that I had to separate myself from the crowd by being unique. You can learn a bit more about my personal journey at Coach Donna’s Story

These ideas will hopefully help you get more from your social media marketing and blogging but there’s always more to learn that can be applied as well.

There no doubt about it.

We all know that social media is huge for bloggers and marketers who want to increase sales, brand visibility, and community around their products.

Helping them more easily start conversations with their target audiences online.

How do successful online marketers hike their way through the wilderness in social media marketing?

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Are You a Social Media Influencer?

social-media-influencerBecome a social media influencer and get your work to our there and lead to some powerful results.

Marketing is where you learn to interest and help others by offering to transform their routines and actions to move into what they want to become and where they want to be.

BUT….at the same time it’s not about trying to convince your audience they don’t know what they need.

**Social Marketing is about offering your targeted audience something they want and you are giving them a way to get it.**

–          How you are as a Social Media influencer is an important corner stone to all of your own efforts. Read more