Building Your List With Interviews

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Interviews and List BuildingDoing audio interviews with experts in your field is a great idea to get more subscribers and build your list of contacts.

I am proof of this as my list has mostly been built from interviews.

Interviewing experts over the phone and recording it on mp3 will get subscribers onto your list, especially in fields other then Internet marketing where people don’t expect to get this much quality information for free

When you take marketing tactics from the Internet marketing field and apply them into other niche markets where they have never been seen before, you will get noticed more.

  • Everything has been done in the Internet marketing field, we are all  immune to even the most brilliant marketing tactics as we see them almost everyday, but other niche markets will be very interested and jump on board.

Creating audio interviews isn’t hard at all equipment wise and finding experts to interview has been very easy for me!

  • Do you know how I find experts in any field almost instantly? Read more