Need a Business ‘Start Over’

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Need a Time Out – Or just a Business ‘Start Over’

One or more baseball outings won’t give you what you need to be an amazing baseball player.

But, what if you had a coach (like most do when learning to get better at baseball), and what if you played, practiced everyday? What would your baseball game look like in 12 months from now? Would you be a few steps closer to becoming a good player and teammate?

We can’t always predict the future, but we do know that if we don’t do anything different than we have been doing, the future won’t look much different than the past.

If you want to have consistent results and not work so hard, you will always have to become the top 10% in your game or business niche. And this is developing a mindset and belief that you will make it. Add to that – learning more, practicing more, and being enthusiastic and patient with a strong faith of what is to come.

Oh, did I mention strategy and tactics? Read more