Home Based Business Strategy Actions

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Certified Business Coach, Intuitive Strategist ~ As a Social Media Manager and Coach, I do the work for you and/or train corporations and small businesses how to set up their blog and a Social Media Marketing Plan around their blog/website as their business hub. As a Social Media Marketing Expert, I teach Relationship Marketing and Social Media Mastery, consulting and speaking services for corporate, business owners, and conscious entrepreneurs around the globe!
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Home Based Strategies for Success

When you are utilizing strategies with step-by-step action plans, and using systems that are put into place, you are can be your way achieve awesome results.

Something that I found a necessary step, was to determine a set time to work on my ‘to do list’ (that I made out first thing in the AM) and put my calendared tasks on that list for that day (a system). I found it helps to do repetitive tasks at the same time and day. Others find it may work to spend several hours in one day completing large tasks, but set days for this. Don’t forget your repetitive tasks – like article marketing! Determine what works best for you, but make the commitment to be successful!

I can show you EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step, to be successful at getting clients, building your business, and making more income.

When I coach my clients, I use my Strategy Action Step Formula for Growing Your Business.

Since I am a Jeneth Certified Coach – I continue to follow and learn from Jeneth Blackert. I have been taught to ask questions like these.

“Is it time for you to unlock your unique vision and launch something new?

The vision that you are holding under lock and key in your heart…
…and you know you’ve not been fully committed in the past, but you are ready to create a big impact now!

Now is the time. Now is your time.

Now you are ready to truly-honestly-genuinely commit 100% to your vision, but you need help.

As a Jeneth Certified Business Coach – still working with Jeneth –  I am here to help.