Goals of Your Domain Name

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So let’s get started building your list or growing it.

— Your blog set up -now you are picking the right domain name…

The best domain names are descriptive and serve to
identify your target market…containing keywords that
potential clients would search by. This will help improve
your site’s search engine rankings dramatically.

Remember the mportance of targeting a Niche Market –
your market needs to be narrowed in to a Niche Market.

Additional guidelines for selecting a domain name:

Keep It Short:

It is often a tradeoff between having your domain name
descriptive and having it short. Ideally you would have
a domain name that is both descriptive of your service and
short enough that it can be used in conversation easily.
Shorter names tend to be more professional,
easier to spell, and more memorable. They also
look nicer on printed materials and advertisements.

Avoid Unnatural Spellings:

With many good domain names already taken, many people are
using “creative” ways of getting the domain names they want.
Many domain names use numbers to represent words such as 2 for
“TO” and 4 for “FOR” or the letter Z in the place of an S.
Names like 4LakeArrowheadhomes.com can make your domain name more
difficult to remember or, worse, send your visitor to your
competitor at ForLakeArrowheadHomes.com. By choosing a domain
name that is easy to spell, you’ll maximize the number of
repeat visitors to your site.

Use a Dot-Com Extension:

Nothing will replace the brand name associated with a dot-com domain name. Similar to the 1-800 toll free numbers, dot-com will always be the most well known
extension and  people will look for a name they remember.

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