A Couple of Ways to Get More Comments at Your Blog

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Hold Contests

Another good way to encourage readers to become commenter is to hold regular contests.

In these contests, the entry fee will simply be making one or more comments. And the prize can be a number of different things, including merchandise from your niche or store; or the opportunity to make a one-time guest blog.

As far as picking winners goes, this is up to you. You could either select them yourself by picking the “best comment” or you could randomly select a comment using http://www.random.org.

The first method is entirely subjective; however, the second method may lead you to select someone who only put in a nominal effort, perhaps by writing “good post,” which could anger other participants.

Tip: If you make a random selection, in order to optimally take advantage of this opportunity, you may also want to screen cast the selection process and post it on your blog at a pre-determined date and time.

Feel free to make real-time voice-over while you’re screen casting and add excitement to the video.

This could draw a lot of interest from participants and give your blog a healthy traffic spike.

Be Controversial

Another good way to encourage readers to comment is to occasionally your blog post something highly controversial, but not ethically objectionable.

Example: You might cite a famous Internet marketer who has claimed that creating an email list is a waste of time; and that you should instead always send traffic directly to your sales page.

When it comes down to it, you don’t even have to take a side. You can simply introduce the controversy and then let commenters jump it and flesh out the debate.

This can be an excellent way to draw readers in and prompt them to get involved.

With all of this said, I cannot stress enough that you should not post controversial topics that could be construed as morally or ethically objectionable material. This is more likely to turn off readers, rather than get them involved.

And, Have Fun! No Matter what!