How Content Marketing and Copywriting Work Together to Grow Your Community

content-marketing-copywritingby Tammi Metzler – Guest Post

Oftentimes, the terms “content marketing” and “copywriting” get mistaken for one and the same.

The reality is that while they do go together like bread and butter, they are separate entities, each with their own vital role in your blogging efforts.

Let’s begin our discussion with some short and sweet definitions, to make sure we’re all on the same page, but bear with me because then I’ll show you some cool (and simple :)) tips to help you use copywriting techniques to make your content not only more spellbinding tor readers but also more effective in attracting leads and customers.

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Content Secrets to Get More Traffic

content-secrets-get-more-trafficBlogging is one of the smartest things you’ll do as a marketer to get more traffic to view your business!

Content secrets to get more traffic is something you must always want more of because as an entrepreneur you must be driven to share your ideas to both help people and become a thought leader in your field.

Content secrets to get more tr

You can, and want to be a bit famous, at least to the right people.

You need a popular blog.

You need content secrets to get more traffic that will help your blog become more popular.

By now you know that it’s obviously not that easy. If it were, every blogger would be rich and famous.

So what are some content secrets to get more traffic and popularity for your blog? Read more