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From: Donna L. Ward, Jeneth Certified Business Coach

 I knew there had to be a better way for me to get going with the traffic I needed for my own blog. I discovered that having great methods for writing and submitting unique articles actually did:

1.   Build MY list! 

2.   Build MY brand! (Which is my name, domain name, what I’m known for.) 

3.   Build MY credibility! (Through the content I share and the value I offer.) 

I wrote and I wrote - really good content (from my research). And, I did get better at this and I did even write my own “Article Marketing and Online Credibility’ FREE Report – click on the title, if you haven’t already read this instructional report.

BUT, then I discovered a style of writing that is non-invasive and is so subtle that it convinces people to click to your site without having to "sell" them on anything at all.

I started getting attention and results!

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Inside of How to Drive Free Traffic with Articles you'll discover:

 7 Fill-In-The-Blank Title Templates

 5 Keys to Success in Writing and Distributing these unique articles

 5 Variations for Even More Results when creating these unique 

   types of articles

 Real Life Example of this unique type of article

 Learn this interesting way to boost your subscribers by creating a unique "kind" of article that I call "covert content".

By the end of my report, you will have your very own article that you can use in a variety of ways. But, you do have to take the steps and make this happen!

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